Data SGP

data sgp

The sgpData table contains five columns of assessment scores and scales for each year. The table also displays the missing value (NA) for any data that is not available. For example, if a student’s name or a grade is not recorded in the data, there is no sgpData table for that student. This table includes an identification field with a unique student identifier.

SGP package is designed to work with LONG and WIDE format data. These formats represent longitudinal student assessment data and allow for a number of different analysis methods. Specifically, this type of data is used for student growth plots at the individual level. Typically, these analyses are best performed in the LONG format, though some data is better prepared in the WIDE format. Achievement Level is the variable required for running a student’s growth projections at the individual level. It is also needed for the creation of student aggregates using the summarizeSGP function. In addition, the CONTENT_AREA and FIRST_NAME fields are required.

To access sgpData, the user needs to access the website. The site provides information on sgpdata as well as exemplar longitudinal data sets. However, it is important to note that these are not intended to be transcluded directly. Therefore, it is recommended that the user purge the cache after any changes are made. Also, if the user wants to run a student’s growth projections at an individual level, the user should have the student’s ID.

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Some of the variables that are used in the sgpData table are ID, VALID_CASE, SCALE_SCORE, GRADE, and FIRST_NAME. They are all demographic variables that are used in creating student aggregates by the summarizeSGP function. Another variable that is included in the sgpData table is the student’s scale score. Depending on the student’s scale, this is a measure of student performance.

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