MMA Betting Handicapping and Prop MMA Betting

mma betting

While a majority of the betting handle on MMA fights goes to wagers on who will win the match, there are a number of other types of wagers available. These include prop bets which offer higher risk and payout than standard wagers. These are often placed on specific outcomes of a match such as the method of victory.

Much like in boxing, a fighter’s stance is another important factor when handicapping a fight. For example, a fighter who is a southpaw will have an advantage over an orthodox opponent because they are more comfortable fighting from that stance. This is especially true for younger fighters who are more used to fighting that way.

In addition, it is important to look at the style of each fighter when making a bet on an MMA fight. For instance, a fighter who is more aggressive may have a bigger chance of winning the fight, but their aggressive style might also increase the likelihood of an injury. On the other hand, a fighter who is more defensive may have a lower chance of winning but is less likely to suffer an injury.

Prop bets on MMA fights are not uncommon, especially when a fight is highly anticipated or closely matched. These bets are offered by most sportsbooks and usually come with a lower payout than a simple winner bet, but they can offer an extra edge to your UFC betting experience.

Some of the most popular MMA betting props include the Over/Under round total and the method of victory bet. The Over/Under round total is based on the number of rounds that are expected to be contested in the fight, while the method of victory bet requires you to predict how the fight will end (knockout, judges’ points or decision, or submission).

A fighter’s history as a bettor can have an effect on their odds. In August, MMA trainer James Krause made public remarks on an episode of the podcast The MMA Hour that he makes more money betting on MMA fights than he does coaching at his Glory MMA & Fitness gym in Kansas City, Missouri. In the wake of his comments, New Jersey regulators stopped taking bets on UFC events and two Canadian provinces halted betting on those same events.

Some bettors take advantage of inflated odds on certain fighters by parlaying their wagers. This can return larger profits by combining multiple legs on a single bet, and is a popular option for MMA betting online. However, you should keep in mind that MMA is not as well-regulated as other major sports, so be careful when placing a parlay bet.