The Basics of Dominoes


Among the many different games played with dominoes, scoring games are the most popular. However, dominoes are also used in games such as Five-Up, where the goal is to form a series of “ends,” a collection of multicolored tiles. These games are often played in conjunction with domino sets that have more than fifty tiles.

Traditionally, European-style dominoes are made of bone, ivory, or dark hardwood such as ebony. Unlike Chinese dominoes, European dominoes do not distinguish between different suits. However, they do have blank ends. These end pieces are used to form seven faces, making it possible to have twenty-eight unique pieces.

Most of the domino sets used around the world are of two types. The first type is the “standard” or “block” domino set. This set contains fifty-five tiles. The second type is the “concentration” or “double-six” domino set. The difference between the two types is that the concentration set contains twelve tiles, while the double-six set contains seven tiles. The concentration set also requires the total number of pips to be twelve.

A domino is a small, rectangular black and white block, generally twice as wide as it is long. It is usually marked with a series of pips on one side and two groups of spots on the other. The numbers on the dominoes are typically arranged in pairs, as are the spots from one to six. In some versions of the game, both players chip out. Other versions require the players to lay out all of their tiles before the game begins.

The most common domino sets are the double-six set and the double-nine set. The latter set requires players to have twelve tiles at the beginning of the game. However, players can use other objects as dominoes, making this type of game much more versatile.

Some domino games feature a chain of dominoes, in which the pieces are arranged in a row. This allows players to create elaborate patterns with the pieces. However, this type of game can be quite difficult to learn. Usually, the pieces are set up in a row on the edge of the table. They can be stacked in a row, or they can be lined up in long lines. Once one of the dominoes is tipped over, the chain begins to collapse. When this happens, the next domino in the chain is tipped over, and so on until all of the dominoes are knocked down. This type of game is popular among children.

Another type of domino game is the “draw” game. This game involves the use of a double-nine” domino set. This game is played by four players. Once all four players have drawn all of their tiles, the game continues. Players try to knock all of the other tiles down, but in some cases, one player can knock down hundreds or thousands of other tiles.

Other domino games are trick-taking games. In this type of game, players try to get the highest score. They also have variants where players have to chip out both partners, in order to gain a high score.