The Basics of Roullete


Roullete is a game of chance that is played in casinos around the world. This popular game is easy to understand and simple to play, and there are several variations of the game that can be found online. The game of roulette was first developed in the 1700s, and it has become one of the most popular casino games. In fact, a casino isn’t a real casino without at least one roulette table.

A croupier, or dealer, spins the wheel and then throws a ball into a pocket marked with a specific number. If your bet is on that number, you win. This is a game based entirely on luck, and it offers a unique thrill to those who enjoy it.

Before the ball is thrown, players make their bets by placing chips on a betting mat. Depending on what type of bet they want to place, they will place their chips on either a single number or various groupings of numbers. They can also choose if they want the number to be red or black, whether it is odd or even, or if they want the numbers to be high (1-18) or low (39-36).

The roulette wheel consists of a solid disk that is slightly convex with a series of thirty-six metal compartments, called “canoes” by croupiers, around the perimeter. These compartments are painted alternately red and black, and there is a second green compartment numbered 00 on American wheels.

Outside bets are placed on the outside of the board and offer a lower chance of winning than inside bets. They also pay out less money. The payouts for outside bets are as follows:

A successful street bet pays out 11 to 1. A winning corner bet pays out 8 to 1, and a successful basket bet pays out 6 to 1. In addition, there are two types of even money bets. The Dozens Bet, also known as douzaine in French, is a bet that the winning number will belong to the first 12 numbers on the layout (1-12), or the second dozen (12-34). This bet pays out 2-1. The Odd or Even Bet, which is known as impair et pair in French, is a wager that the winning number will be either one of the 18 odd numbers on the layout (1-18) or the 18 even numbers (19-36). This bet pays out 1-1.