What Is Data Hk?

data hk

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Having a clear vision for your data governance program is a critical first step. It should be aligned with the overall business objectives. It should also include a set of policies that are designed to achieve these goals. In addition, you should have an actionable business case that outlines the actual people (roles), technologies and processes that will be needed to support your program.

In order to make sure that your data governance program is successful, you need to have the right people in place. This includes the leadership and senior management team, as well as the technical teams. It’s also important to consider the skills, experience and capabilities of your current workforce. This will help you to determine the best way to fill gaps in your data governance capability.

A good data governance program will deliver a positive return on investment for your organization. The key to doing this is to identify the specific business opportunities that your data governance program will address. You’ll then be able to build a strategy and framework for how your organization will achieve those benefits.

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